Quick Hair Tip: How to get a soft swoop

Creating a curve shape right along your hairline is the easiest way to “fake” a professional blowout. It looks as if a round brush was used to create volume and lift, and even if the end result is smoother and flatter to your head, having the hair swoop back from your face instead of being blown back away from your face is really flattering.

I wrote a step by step tutorial awhile back but thought I’d update with a short video demonstrating how to achieve this look! You’ll see a big difference in the before and after photos below!

I didn’t use any other tools than my blow dryer and brush for this final look. You may have noticed I used a paddle brush but you could use a round brush if you would like more lift and bend in the hair!

In the tutorial I used my T3 Cura blow dryer and a vented paddle brush. I applied a few smoothing/conditioning products beforehand, and you can learn how to do that here!

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