Healthy Hair Products

I’m not sure if my hair has ever been in better condition. While there are still some dry parts that could just generally use a significant cut, the majority of my hair feels healthy and strong.

And for a blonde who has been lightening her hair for years, that is quite a statement.

The most significant changes have been from some new products, and also adjusting my expectations for the level of blonde I can achieve. While I’d love to be super bright, light, cool blonde, my hair simply can’t handle that level of lightness. So I’ve settled for a more sandy, beige-y blonde that still feels light enough but doesn’t have the iciness to it.

I mention this in my recent favorites video, but I really have loved the Moroccan Oil treatment light. I thought it was formulated for light hair (for some reason I imagined seeing a “light” and “dark” option at the beauty store, but apparently not!) but it’s just a lighter oil. I’ve been so happy with how this has made my hair feel that it’s probably a holy grail product for me already. I bring it to the gym, on trips, and use it daily at home!

Another leave-in product that I’ve loved for a long time but haven’t mentioned on the blog in awhile is the It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product. This smells so great and makes my hair feel really soft.

I’ve been using Oribe Gold Lust Shampoo and Conditionersomewhat regularly, and it’s a very luxurious set. My hair feels fantastic, and I love that it doesn’t weigh it down but still makes it feel very moisturized.

I linked to a few other products that I’ve loved for a long time as well. Redken’s All Soft may be the most softening shampoo on the planet. And the Living Proof Restore mask is great for a deep conditioner that makes your hair feel strong and healthy.

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