Kirby Richardshas 12 years experience in hairdressing & has mastered her craft by working across many levels of the industry. 

Kirby was trained in a boutique salon in Melbourne where she found her love for creative colour, precision cutting & hair extensions. 

Hungry for more, Kirby took her career to the next level by relocating to London for 3 years. During that time she managed an elite salon and in her spare time found her passion for styling through freelancing. She worked as a stylist at BBC Studios for various television programs, at London Fashion Week with designers Sass & Bide and has worked on the sets of music videos styling numerous artists. 

Since returning to Melbourne, Kirby has been thriving as a Freelance Stylist within the walls of Edwards & Co Melbourne Salon. The non-conventional salon space allows her to grow her techniques constantly & be inspired by the creative people around her.

We are so excited to have Kirby on board as a go-to girl for tutorials! Stay tuned for lots of handy tips, tricks and styling secrets.

For an up-style to hold and last the length of the day/night, be sure to wash your hair the day before. Freshly washed hair can be slippery and not hold the hairstyle as well. To prep the hair for this look, I use R+Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo with a little Evo Haze Powder for extra grit!

From the top of the ears to the crown of the head, divide the hair into 2 sections. Clip the bottom section out of the way as we’re leaving that part down for this style. 

With the top section, divide the hair straight down the centre and tie each side into ponytails (using clear hair elastics if possible!).

Plait each ponytail right to the ends of the hair and seal off with another hair elastic (again, clear ones, if you can!). After you have finished the plait, use your fingers to pull the plait out to widen the hair. I find rubbing the plait with your fingers and/or hands helps to give the hair a nice textured finish, rather than a smooth finish. 

Wrap each of the plaits around on the top of the head to create a cute little top-knot on each side. Using bobby pins, fix each loop of the plaits to the hair on top of the head. 

After you have fixed the topknots in place, you can use your fingers to mould each loop of the plait to make the topknot bigger, fuller and more textured. Finish by using a firm hold hairspray, (spraying about 20 centremetres away from the head) I have used R+Co Outer Space Hair Spray.

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