Barely Bent Hair Tutorial

My tendency is to always make my hair “perfect”. I blame years of working in the salon and preferring a more clean, classic look to the hair.

But these days a looser, undone style is right on trend. Not only does a style like this look cool and modern, but it’s a great option for day 2 hair or a type of texture hairstyle to wear with an athleisure outfit.

All the products and tools that I used in the tutorial can be found at Sephora, also known as my home away from home. I began this tutorial with wet hair so it’s a true “start to finish” demonstration.

Before I jump into the products and tutorial, I want to remind you to sign up to become a Beauty Insider at Sephora. It’s completely free and you have the opportunity to earn points that can get you discounts, promotions, and so many other perks. You can sign up right here!

I was so excited to hear about Living Proof’s recent launch of the Restore Dry Scalp Treatment. I demonstrate how to use it in the tutorial and it has been great for my scalp. I wash my hair often because I work up quite a sweat at my daily bootcamp workout, so making sure I’m not drying out my scalp too much is key to avoiding flakes and tightness.

This product is applied at a few partings in the hair, massaged in, and then you style like usual. It doesn’t make your hair greasy and you are simply left with a conditioned, moisturized scalp.

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